Appendix A. Release Notes

Table of Contents
A.1. Release 7.1.3
A.2. Release 7.1.2
A.3. Release 7.1.1
A.4. Release 7.1
A.5. Release 7.0.3
A.6. Release 7.0.2
A.7. Release 7.0.1
A.8. Release 7.0
A.9. Release 6.5.3
A.10. Release 6.5.2
A.11. Release 6.5.1
A.12. Release 6.5
A.13. Release 6.4.2
A.14. Release 6.4.1
A.15. Release 6.4
A.16. Release 6.3.2
A.17. Release 6.3.1
A.18. Release 6.3
A.19. Release 6.2.1
A.20. Release 6.2
A.21. Release 6.1.1
A.22. Release 6.1
A.23. Release 6.0
A.24. Release 1.09
A.25. Release 1.02
A.26. Release 1.01
A.27. Release 1.0
A.28. Postgres95Release 0.03
A.29. Postgres95Release 0.02
A.30. Postgres95Release 0.01
A.31. Timing Results

A.1. Release 7.1.3

Release date: 2001-08-15

A.1.1. Migration to version 7.1.3

A dump/restore is not required for those running 7.1.X.

A.1.2. Changes

Remove unused WAL segements of large transactions (Tom)
Multiaction rule fix (Tom)
Pl/pgSQL memory allocation fix (Jan)
VACUUM buffer fix (Tom)
Regression test fixes (Tom)
pg_dump fixes for GRANT/REVOKE/comments on views, user-defined types (Tom)
Fix subselects with DISTINCT ON or LIMIT (Tom)
BEOS fix
Disable COPY TO/FROM a view (Tom)
Cygwin build (Jason Tishler)