1.7. Supported Platforms

PostgreSQL has been verified by the developer community to work on the platforms listed below. A supported platform generally means that PostgreSQL builds and installs according to these instructions and that the regression tests pass.

Note: If you are having problems with the installation on a supported platform, please write to or , not to the people listed here.

AIX 4.3.3RS60007.12001-03-21, Gilles Darold ()see also doc/FAQ_AIX
BeOS 5.0.4x867.12001-02-26, Cyril Velter ()requires new BONE networking stack
BSD/OS 4.01x867.12001-03-20, Bruce Momjian () 
Compaq Tru64 UNIXAlpha7.12001-03-26, Adriaan Joubert ()4.0-5.0, cc and gcc
FreeBSD 4.3x867.12001-03-19, Vince Vielhaber () 
HP/UXPA-RISC7.12001-03-19, 10.20 Tom Lane (), 2001-03-22, 11.00, 11i Giles Lean ()32- and 64-bit on 11.00; see also doc/FAQ_HPUX
IRIX 6.5.11MIPS7.12001-03-22, Robert Bruccoleri ()32-bit compilation model
Linux 2.2.xAlpha7.12001-01-23, Ryan Kirkpatrick () 
Linux 2.2.xarmv4l7.12001-02-22, Mark Knox () 
Linux 2.0.xMIPS7.12001-03-30, Dominic Eidson ()Cobalt Qube
Linux 2.2.18PPC74xx7.12001-03-19, Tom Lane ()Apple G3
LinuxS/3907.12000-11-17, Neale Ferguson () 
Linux 2.2.15Sparc7.12001-01-30, Ryan Kirkpatrick () 
Linuxx867.12001-03-19, Thomas Lockhart ()2.0.x, 2.2.x, 2.4.2
MacOS XPPC7.12000-12-11, Peter Bierman (), 2000-12-11, Daniel Luke ()Darwin (only) Beta-2 or higher
NetBSD 1.5Alpha7.12001-03-22, Giles Lean () 
NetBSD 1.5Earm327.12001-03-21, Patrick Welche () 
NetBSDm68k7.02000-04-10, Henry B. Hotz ()Mac 8xx
NetBSDPPC7.12001-04-05, Henry B. Hotz ()Mac G4
NetBSDSparc7.12000-04-05, Matthew Green ()32- and 64-bit builds
NetBSD 1.5VAX7.12001-03-30, Tom I. Helbekkmo () 
NetBSD 1.5x867.12001-03-23, Giles Lean () 
OpenBSD 2.8Sparc7.12001-03-23, Brandon Palmer () 
OpenBSD 2.8x867.12001-03-21, Brandon Palmer () 
SCO UnixWare 7.1.1x867.12001-03-19, Larry Rosenman ()UDK FS compiler; see also doc/FAQ_SCO
Solaris 2.7-8Sparc7.12001-03-22, Marc Fournier (), 2001-03-25, Justin Clift ()see also doc/FAQ_Solaris
Solaris 2.8x867.12001-03-27, Mathijs Brands ()see also doc/FAQ_Solaris
SunOS 4.1.4Sparc7.12001-03-23, Tatsuo Ishii () 
Windows NT/2000 with Cygwinx867.12001-03-16, Jason Tishler ()with Cygwin toolset, see doc/FAQ_MSWIN

Unsupported Platforms. The following platforms have not been verified to work. Platforms listed for version 6.3.x and later should also work with 7.1.3, but we did not receive explicit confirmation of such at the time this list was compiled. We include these here to let you know that these platforms could be supported if given some attention.

DGUX 5.4R4.11m88k6.31998-03-01, Brian E Gallew ()6.4 probably OK
MkLinux DR1PPC7507.02001-04-03, Tatsuo Ishii ()7.1 needs OS update?
NextStepx866.x1998-03-01, David Wetzel ()bit rot suspected
QNX 4.25x867.02000-04-01, Dr. Andreas Kardos ()Spinlock code needs work. See also doc/FAQ_QNX4.
SCO OpenServer 5x866.51999-05-25, Andrew Merrill ()7.1 should work, but no reports; see also doc/FAQ_SCO
System V R4m88k6.2.11998-03-01, Doug Winterburn ()needs new TAS spinlock code
System V R4MIPS6.41998-10-28, Frank Ridderbusch ()no 64-bit integer
UltrixMIPS7.12001-03-26TAS spinlock code not detected
UltrixVAX6.x1998-03-01No recent reports. Obsolete?
Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000 (native)x867.12001-03-26, Magnus Hagander () client-side libraries (libpq and psql) or ODBC/JDBC, no server-side; see Chapter 2 for instructions